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Hello and welcome to shade_sunshine! The one and only community for the pairing of Jade West and Cat Valentine of the popular Nickelodeon teen television show, Victorious!


Most entries are unlocked, but you'll need to join to see ones that aren't.


1. No drama, no being obnoxious, etc. This should be obvious.

2. Spoilers must be warned for and under a LJ-cut.

3. Add a subject line to your post, preferably about what you're posting.

4. Please do not change the font from default. If things look funky, you're probably posting in Rich Text. Just switch over to HTML and erase the things that shouldn't be there.

5. When posting fic, use the following format:

6. Please tag your posts. If the tag you need isn't there comment on the page-a-mod post and I'll add it!

7. Posted fictions must not lead to an friends locked entries at other journals or communities.

8. For graphic posts:

  • images over 500px wide should be under a cut

  • icon posts must have four icons or less above a cut

9. This is not the place for real person fanworks, please post elsewhere.

10. This community is for fans of Cat/Jade, so there will be no character or ship bashing tolerated of any kind!

11. No community advertising unless you have been given express allowance from the moderaters!